06 November, 2012

ETNO and ICANN met at IGF: further cooperation is needed

On the occasion of the Internet Governance Forum held this week in Baku, Azerbaijan, ETNO met with ICANN and agreed to explore ways of future cooperation on issues regarding the future of the Internet.

Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chair met with the newly appointed CEO of ICANN, Fadi Chehadé who said: "I am very grateful to Luigi for his commitment to a deeper collaboration. ETNO members need a stronger voice in the future of the internet and  ICANN is keen to provide a forum for this to happen. I look forward to working with ETNO more closely in the future".

Luigi Gambardella declared: "we value very much our relationship with ICANN and I am sure that thanks to the leadership of Fadi, the new President and CEO of ICANN, our organisations will benefit from our good working relationship. A "new spirit" of cooperation is needed amongst players of the Internet value chain in order to ensure the worldwide growth of the digital industry".

ETNO is currently a member of the ISP and Connectivity Providers Constituency of ICANN and also the Business Constituency. During the IGF, ETNO will meet with other representatives of the Internet community and intervene at one of the main sessions on critical infrastructure for the Internet.

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