16 June, 2021

Transatlantic Tech Relations: Joint Statement of the Telecom Industry

Brussels, Washington D.C., 16 June 2021 – ETNO and USTelecom – The Broadband Association, the leading trade associations for telecom operators and broadband providers in the EU and the U.S. respectively, welcome the strengthening of the transatlantic dialogue on industrial and policy approaches to technology.

The launch of a new EU-U.S. “Trade and Technology Council (TTC)” is an important milestone in the longstanding tradition of dialogue and constructive coordination between Washington D.C. and Brussels. This comes at an especially opportune moment when both sides of the Atlantic are reflecting on how to modernize digital policies and regulations for the years to come.

Policies that encourage innovation and incentivize investment will continue to play a critical role in advancing essential digital transformation and our shared connected future, at a time in which all our nations are working to build a strong post-pandemic recovery and to promote sustainability across all sectors of the economy and society.

In this context, we believe it will be critically important to ensure that all stakeholders, including and especially telecom industry leaders, are actively involved in the work of the newly established EU-U.S. TTC.

The telecom industry, with its massive investment in new 21st century networks and cutting-edge technology, will be a crucial partner in the EU-U.S. digital policy dialogue. From 5G to fibre networks, from cybersecurity to cloud and data services, from advancing access and affordability, telecom and broadband operators are a key enabler of strong economic growth, social equity, opportunity, inclusion, and sustainable societies.

ETNO and USTelecom along with our member companies are resolute in our support of a continued and results focused transatlantic policy dialogue and stand ready to contribute in concrete and practical ways along with institutional partners in Washington D.C., in Brussels and across European capitals to realize a shared, confident and equitable vision for the digital future of all our citizens.

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ETNO – Alessandro Gropelli, gropelli@etno.eu
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ETNO is the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association, the trade association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, who innovate and invest in the continent's digital backbone. www.etno.eu

About USTelecom
USTelecom is the national trade association representing technology providers, innovators, suppliers, and manufacturers committed to connecting the world through the power of broadband. www.ustelecom.org.

Alessandro Gropelli
Deputy Director General - Strategy & Communications

Alessandro Gropelli is ETNO’s Deputy Director General and Director of Strategy and Communications. He joined ETNO in 2013 and he is an expert of tech and telecoms policy. Alessandro is also a Member

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