20 March, 2013

Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chair, to participate in the Avaya Forum 2013, Rome

On 21 March, in Rome, several key representatives of institutions, regulatory authorities and ICT companies will gather at the “Avaya Forum 2013” for a discussion on the implementation of the Digital Agenda in Italy.

Luigi Gambardella will participate on behalf of ETNO, focusing on the importance of creating synergies at the European level in order to foster investments in broadband and ultra-broadband in all Member States.

The ETNO Executive Board Chair’s intervention will be centered on the need to pave the way for a genuine European Single Market for electronic communications, also in light of what was stated in the 14-15 March European Council Conclusions.

“Creating a well-functioning European Single Market for electronic-communications is key to enhancing the competitiveness of the telecommunications sector in Europe, to facilitating investments in faster networks and to speeding up the achievement of the European Digital Agenda targets”, said Gambardella.

“So far, ETNO operators have fully played their part, ensuring high levels of investments despite a constant fall in revenues over the past years. However, in order to keep investing, a new regulatory framework is necessary, with operators benefitting from  more consolidation, more efficiency and more scale”, added the ETNO Executive Board Chair.

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