26 September, 2016

European telcos support a swift transition of IANA functions to ICANN

ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, has long supported the transition of IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) functions to the global internet community.
The internet community, including civil society, businesses, government, and the technical parties have crafted a proposal that enables the U.S. Government to seamlessly transfer stewardship of the Internet’s addressing system to its global stakeholders. The final proposal includes significant and concrete measures to enhance ICANN’s accountability to its global community. We believe that this important proposal will assure the continuing security, stability and resiliency of this system.
The internet and the digital ecosystem are global. A swift and positive decision on the final transition of the IANA functions to ICANN is therefore essential in order to take steps towards an open, independent and inclusive governance of the internet.
The transition process was characterised by a thorough and inclusive participation of all relevant parties within the multi-stakeholder model and merits political approval without further delays.

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