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14 February 2019 - Edition n.139
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Deal struck on copyright reform after ‘intense’ negotiations
EurActiv - 14 February 2019
E-Democracy in the EU: lessons learned from Estonia
Foreign Policy Research Institute – 13 February 2019
How robotics will shape Europe – and the policy that will support it
EurActiv – 12 February 2019
Europe hopes to fend off election hackers with ‘cyber sanctions’
POLITICO – 11 February 2019
European drivers may be wary of cars that stop them from speeding
EurActiv – 11 February 2019
Germany hits Facebook at heart of its business model
POLITICO – 07 February 2019

#CodeWeek2018, the most successful edition. Let’s hit a new record in 2019!

Coding activities, robotics and computational thinking are increasingly attracting young people’s attention, as seen during the 2018 edition of EU Code Week. 

The #CodeWeek2018 broke all-time records, with 2.7 million participants and nearly 44,000 events in more than 70 countries. In only six years, the number of people taking part has grown exponentially, from 10,000 to 2.7 million. Let’s break a new record in 2019! Come join this great initiative from 5 to 20 October.

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Telefonica issues the first green bond of the telco sector
Telefonica started the year by launching its first green bond issue, amounting to 1 billion euros over a term of five years. The migration to fiber, the use of renewable energy and other energy efficiency initiatives consolidates the position Telefonica has as one of the most sustainable telecom companies in terms of energy and CO2.
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Global Digital Report 2019
We are social – February 2019
2019 Trend Forecast: Digital
The Holmes Report – January 2019
2019 Trend Forecast: Technology
The Holmes Report – January 2019

eHealth: Secure access of health data across borders

By European Commission


 We got an announcement  The Financial Times & ETNO #Teams met this week in London to kick-off work for the 10th #FTETNO Summit. For now, we can only tell you that it will be #ambitious, it will be sparkling and it will take place in #Brussels on #December2nd  #staytuned Link to tweet


The #FTETNO team got together this afternoon to discuss the programme for the next edition of the summit in Brussels. Date and venue are also confirmed! Stay tuned for the official announcement, including exciting developments for the summit's 10th anniversary! #telecoms Link to tweet


#WomenInDigital scoreboardassesses women's inclusion in #digital jobs, careers & entrepreneurship. The scoreboard shows that #gender gap is the largest in area of #ICT specialist skills.
See how #womenintech in your country are doing: https://europa.eu/!QN89UN 
#WomenWednesday Link to tweet


#Ai is a game changer & an opportunity to seize. We need to prepare for it, make sure it corresponds to our ethical values & empowers Europeans with the right skills to embrace it. Students should have access to #digitalSkills to become “AI bilingual” @MIT http://bit.ly/2OWAGZS Link to tweet


Agreement reached to modernise copyright rules.
Freedoms enjoyed by internet users will be enhanced, creators better remunerated & internet economy will have clearer rules.  
It will strengthen creative sector.
It will bring added value to EU citizens.
http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-19-528_en.htm… Link to tweet
Twitter CEO says his and other tech firms have not combated abuse enough
Reuters – 13 February 2019
Deutsche Telekom reveals third 5G-City
Total Telecom – 12 February 2019
What would happen if Facebook was turned off?
The Economist – 12 February 2019
AT&T announces Chicago and Minneapolis as its next 5G cities
The Verge – 12 February 2019
Trump administration unveils order to prioritise and promote AI
Reuters – 11 February 2019
What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2019
Tech Crunch – 09 February 2019
European Committee of Regions, 18 – 19 February 2019, Palermo (Italy)
Digital Agenda: territorial strategies for addressing technological innovation in infrastructure and services
Mozilla – 19 February 2019, Brussels
Brussels Mozilla Mornings – Disinformation and online advertising: an unhealthy relationship?
European Internet Forum – 19 February 2019, Brussels
The Third Way: How Europe can succeed against China and the US in the global race for AI Leadership
Centre for Data Innovation, 20 February 2019, Brussels
Using AI to fight disinformation in European elections
GSMA, 25 – 28 February 2019, Barcelona
Mobile World Congress
Europol, 06 – 07 March 2019, The Hague
3rd global conference on criminal finances and cryptocurrencies
Fiber to the Home Council Europe, 12 - 14 March 2019, Asmterdam
FTTH Conference 2019
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