ETNODigital: Telecom industry DSA and DMA response, EU cybersecurity plan & more!
17 December 2020 - Edition no.223
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EU reveals new cybersecurity strategy with plans for a joint unit and an AI-enabled Cyber Shield

EURonews - 16 DECEMEBER 2020

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Lisbon eyes undersea cable investment to bolster EU tech infrastructure

Politico - 10 December 2020

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EU telcos: international connectivity can be a booster for Europe’s digital leadership

ETNO - 8 December 2020

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5 challenges to the new EU digital rulebook

Politico - 16 December 2020

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EU rights watchdog warns of pitfalls in use of AI

REUTERS - 14 December 2020

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EU Council wants secure encryption and lawful data access

Tech crunch - 14 december 2020

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Focus on

Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act: Statement of the European telecoms industry

Brussels, 15 December 2020 – The European telecommunications industry welcomes today’s announcements by the European Commission. We are optimistic that the EU can set the global standard for competitive, non-discriminatory, responsible and fair digital markets with today’s publication of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Union has a leadership opportunity to address problematic digital platform markets while making our societies more inclusive, with benefits for European citizens and companies of all sizes.
DSA: protect EU citizens and restore trust online
In this context, we welcome the Commission’s recognition that some digital actors have an increased responsibility to keep digital services free from illegal material and ensure that the Rule of Law is respected online with the same rigour as it is offline. We believe it is possible to achieve this goal while respecting internet freedoms and protecting the basic principles enshrined in the eCommerce Directive (i.e., country of origin; limited liability for online intermediaries; prohibition of general monitoring obligations).
DMA: better digital markets that deliver for citizens
An ambitious DMA has the potential to lead the way, globally, in defining better market dynamics in the field of digital services, including cloud, operating systems, app stores, search and many other crucial tools. Ultimately, we can create competitive and innovative markets that deliver superior results for citizens in Europe and worldwide.


Microelectronics make the digital world go round

Microelectronics are at the core of many digital technologies, but how much do you know about them? They are the drivers of innovation. They help people develop smaller, faster and lighter products such as phones, computers and tablets. They bring important new possibilities for Europe's businesses to grow, create new jobs and develop new products.

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Chatbots RESET: A Framework for Governing Responsible Use of Conversational AI in Healthcare


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Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


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Facts & Figures

Projected mobile data traffic until 2026  

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The European Telecommunications industry welcomes the #DigitalServiceAct & #DigitalMarketsAct , announced just now by @vestager and @ThierryBreton -- here ETNO's joint statement with @GSMAEurope 👉 #DSA #DMA
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Today #DigitalServicesAct & #DigitalMarketsAct create the rules of the road for all digital drivers across Europe🚦Short (very short) version of our 2 proposals explained below ⬇️
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Following the announcement of #LUMI & #Leonardo in October today another supercomputer join the @EuroHPC_JU family and will be placed in Bulgaria. The new #HPC, capable of +4.4 petaflops, will help to improve & innovate different #EU sectors
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#DigitalServicesAct = new #EU rules for online platforms: 🚫 No more illegal content 🔎 Transparency on online ads & algorithms 👩‍💻 Access to data for researchers 📍 Track down sellers of illegal goods 💬 Help users whose content was wrongly deleted &more👉
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Yesterday, we held a #transatlantic #tech policy chat w/ telco community in DC & Brussels. Highlights: 👉 unprecedented potential for regulatory convergence in ‘21 👉 big tech, green recovery, privacy & security key issues 👉 multilateralism probably back, China tensions to stay
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European tech firms seek to share in U.S. IPO bonanza

Politico - 16 december 2020

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Exclusive: Facebook to move UK users to California terms, avoiding EU privacy rules

Reuters - 15 December 2020

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Hackers used SolarWinds' dominance against it in sprawling spy campaign

reuters - 15 December 2020

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Big guns and Zoom cliques: Inside Silicon Valley’s digital lobbying playbook

Politico - 14 DECEMBER 2020

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Google and Apple are banning technology for sharing users’ location data

The Verge - 11 December 2020

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21 December, virtual event

ENISA-BEREC Workshop: 5G cybersecurity toolbox developments and way(s) forward

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14 January 2021, Virtual Event

Europe in the digitial age: Global partnerships to foster European Leadership

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European Commission,
15 January 2021, Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence and translation technologies: what is the state of play?

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27-29 January 2021, Virtual event

Enforcing rights in 2021: A Changing World

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