29 June, 2020

5G and us: A European story

What do you want from your 5G? What will be the benefits to you and society? When will you meet 5G?  Much has been said about the transformative potential of 5G over the past few years, but few of us can name any concrete examples of applications that can make use of the capabilities 5G has to offer.

The “5G and us: A European story” report launched today by ETNO provides you with insights on how the 5G technology works in practice by looking at use-cases from a variety of industries: from an ambulance connected to 5G in the UK, to smart helmets in a port area in Italy, a smart city involving 34 ICT companies and a local university in Portugal, or accessible remote mammography exams in Sweden.

The report takes a look at the policy measures with an instrumental role to play in ensuring 5G success in Europe and formulates recommendations for improvement in key areas: spectrum auctions, the cost of network deployment, demand-side targets and sustainability, to name a few.

Read your copy of the report at this link.

Launching the ETNO 5G Users Forum series

The “5G and us: A European story” will deep-dive into use-cases empowered by 5G technology by organising a series of webinars. The focus of the first 5G Users Forum webinar will be on healthcare.

On 8 September, from 14h – 15h45, we invite you to join us for discussion on current 5G use cases and trials in the healthcare sector. You will have the opportunity to learn more on the needs of European healthcare organisations and exchange with key policymakers in the field, with 1 key objective: allowing healthcare representatives to learn more about 5G and telecoms experts to learn more about the needs of Europe’s healthcare ecosystem.

Confirmed speakers include by Lucy Baker, Service Technology Director, BT; Maria Cuevas, Principal Manager, Mobility Research, BT; Johannes Hörnberg, CIO, Västerbotten; and Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO.

Register to attend and read the agenda at this link.

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