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10 January 2019 - Edition n.134
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2019 LOOKAHEAD: Towards a ‘Techno-ethics’
EurActiv – 03 January 2019
19 Romanians to watch as Bucharest bosses Europe
POLITICO - 02 January 2019
Loopholes the size of a double-decker bus would make a mockery of the Copyright Reform
EurActiv – 09 January 2019
Shaken by massive leak, Germany warns of hacking risk in European election
POLITICO – 09 January 2019
State aid: Commission approves €50 million voucher scheme for faster broadband services in Greece
European Commission – 07 January 2019
Data brokers: regulators try to rein in the ‘privacy deathstars’
FT – 07 January 2019

The 3rd Annual European 5G Conference

22 – 23 January 2019, Brussels

In only 2 years, the European 5G Conference has quickly gained the reputation of being Brussels' leading platform for 5G policy discussions.

This year, ETNO Director General Lise Fuhr will join as one of the 40 top-level speakers trying to answer the question: what is the EU and national recipe policymakers need to follow in order to ensure 5G’s success?

Read more here.

Just a few weird tech products at CES 2019
What happens when you put technology into, well, everything? Washington Post's reporter explores the halls of CES to find out what are the coolest tech gadgets on the show floor this year.
Watch video
Tech Trends 2019: The Fads. The Fears. The Future
FleishmanHillard – December 2018
Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI
European Commission – December 2018

Improving access to Audio-Visual programmes across the EU

By European Commission

From #1G to #5G, the journey goes on: “We spent the last 30 years connecting people. We will spend the next 30 years connecting things”, in the words of @BrianModoff, EVP @Qualcomm #CES2019 @CTATech Link to tweet

Our #digitalsinglemarket cannot exist without the free flow of #data as it's becoming the foundation of the #economy
Learn more about the importance of the recent #EU Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data: https://europa.eu/!wd78WQ  
#EUdataFF #WednesdayWisdom Link to tweet

What do EU and national policymakers need to do to ensure the success of #5G? @LiseFuhr will be sharing @ETNOAssociation's perspective at #EU5GConf in just over two weeks. Limited spaces remaining: http://bit.ly/5GConf2019 Link to tweet

As the new #EUPresidency trio took over, we would like to wish a successful first #EUPresidency to @ro2019eu! The work of promoting research and #innovation, #digitalization and #connectivity at EU level will be in great hands #RO2019EU #Romania Link to tweet

Latin America & Europe will be soon linked by a new #digital highway: a fibre optic cable running under the Atlantic Ocean. 
The Bella project will provide high #broadband connectivity for research, education & businesses http://bit.ly/2FfFMyC  #HPC #IoT #innovation  Link to tweet

Boost for artificial intelligence: #AI4EU project kicks off with 79 partners from 21 countries to develop an AI-demand-platform with €20 million EU funding. 
It will help bring #AI to small businesses, non-tech companies and public administrations.
https://europa.eu/!Kj76Mk Link to tweet
#BELLA project: A new digital data highway will bring Europe and Latin America closer
EU Reporter – 09 January 2019
China launches the world's first 5G subway station
Total Telecom – 08 January 2019
CES 2019: Highlights from the first two days of the Consumer Electronics Show
CBS News - 09 January 2019
Bose invented a noise-canceling system for your car
The Verge - 09 January 2019
Deutsche Telekom upgrades 2.3m customers to ultrafast 250Mbps broadband
Total Telecom - 09 January 2019
Ford plans new wireless tech for cars starting 2022
Reuters – 07 January 2019
Robot delivery dogs deployed by self-driving cars are coming
Tech Crunch – 07 January 2019
Forget smartphones, tech's new gold rush is the smart home
The Telegraph – 07 January 2019
What to expect at CES 2019: from smart speakers to intelligent toilets
FT – 06 January 2019
Elon Musk's vision of spaceflight is gorgeous
Tech Crunch - 05 January 2019
Kickstartconf, 14 – 15 January 2018, Amsterdam
The annual Kickstart Europe conference
DLD Munich, 19 – 21 January 2018, Munich
DLD conference
Forum Europe, 22 - 23 January 2018, Brussels
The European 5G Conference 2019
Public Policy Exchange, 24 January 2018, Brussels
Ensuring Intellectual Property Rights
Dot Swift, 28 January 2019, Paris
The European Swift Conference
The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing, 28 January 2019, Bucharest
European Day of Data Protection
ETNO, 31 January 2019, Brussels
The State of Digital Communications
MOVE, 12 - 13 February 2018, London
Mobility re-imagined
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