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17 January 2019 - Edition n.135
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Industry must rein in spend on electric, self-driving cars: Magna CEO
Reuters - 16 January 2019
EU agrees to fine parties for data misuse in elections
POLITICO - 16 January 2019
EU Commission pushes back plan to end veto on digital tax to 2025
Reuters – 15 January 2019
Updating copyright rules for news: There’s a better way
EurActiv – 14 January 2019
MEPs back plans for artificial intelligence and robotics, but ethical concerns remain
EurActiv – 14 January 2019
EU and Romanian leaders spar at launch of bloc presidency
FT - 11 January 2019
Google can limit 'right to be forgotten' to EU says top court adviser
Reuters – 10 January 2019

The State of Digital Communications 31.01.2019

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Digital platforms, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and IoT have entered the political debate as fresh enablers of socio-economic growth. At the same time, leaders are facing the challenge to stay at par with fast-paced technological change.

As 5G and fibre are about to unleash a whole new standard of smart communications, we bring you the latest on the technological and political debate around digital communications and how to ensure they transform our lives for the better.

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#ThinkDigital interview with Elisabetta Romano, Chief Technology Officer, TIM
The first #ThinkDigital interview of the year is out! How does a Chief Technology Officer see 5G and its use cases? Does it come into play with AI? Enjoy the video!
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Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019
Reuters Institute – January 2019
Future of Work, Future of Society
European Commission – December 2018

Wearables, productivity, and health

By Techaeris


The first standalone #QuantumComputer packs the world’s most advanced science into a 9ft glass cube. Belonging to @IBM, the computer could be accessed only over the internet. More in the @FT: https://on.ft.com/2C4npcG Link to tweet


With the #DigitalSingleMarket we are providing an #EU without #digital barriers, in order that everyone can fully benefit from new technologies without any limitations. I discussed today with citizens from #Bucharest on the steps towards  #DigitalEurope. #CitizensDialogue Link to tweet


#DigitalPlatforms, #ArtificialIntelligence, industry 4.0 and #IoT have entered the political debate as enablers of fresh socio-economic growth. What does the future of #DigitalCommunications hold? Join us on 31/01 for valuable insights: https://etno.eu/events/2019/705 Link to tweet


Save the date! Interested in discussing which path to #innovation the EU should follow to foster #5G ? Make sure to join the #EU5GConf next Tuesday 22/01 at 4.10pm with @ForumEurope https://bit.ly/2siftjx  Link to tweet


#WednesdayWisdom ? Here are some tips on #cybersecurity. Stay safe! More on cyber security: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-mark... Link to tweet


"Implementing the revised framework is no easy task. As rightly suggested in the report, adjustments need to be made at national level in order to cope with the workplace reality", concludes @LiseFuhr at the workshop with @UNI_Europa Link to tweet
KPN begins rolling out fibre to 1 million customers in Holland
Total Telecom - 15 January 2019
Telefonica partners with Nokia to boost customer centricity in the UK
Total Telecom - 15 January 2019
Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom hit 40Gbps wireless backhaul speeds
ZD Net - 11 January 2019
AI sustainability center established in Stockholm
Telia Company – 14 January 2019
China turns to driverless tractors, combines to overhaul agriculture
Reuters - 16 January 2019
WeChat is quietly ranking user behavior to play catch-up with Alibaba
Tech Crunch - 15 January 2019
Turns out the science saying screen time is bad isn’t science
Tech Crunch – 14 January 2019
For AR/VR 2.0 to live, AR/VR 1.0 must die
Tech Crunch – 14 January 2019
Faster Wi-Fi is here, but it’s off to a slow start
The Verge – 11 January 2019
DLD Munich, 19 – 21 January 2018, Munich
DLD conference
Forum Europe, 22 - 23 January 2018, Brussels
The European 5G Conference 2019
Public Policy Exchange, 24 January 2018, Brussels
Ensuring Intellectual Property Rights
Dot Swift, 28 January 2019, Paris
The European Swift Conference
The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing, 28 January 2019, Bucharest
European Day of Data Protection
ETNO, 31 January 2019, Brussels
The State of Digital Communications
MOVE, 12 - 13 February 2018, London
Mobility re-imagined
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